Atm Skimmers For Sale

Hello to everyone  ,

We are having for sale Atm Bezel , Atm Reader , Atm Skimmer (Bezel + Reader )
What can do the ATM Skimmer ?

No problem , i would explain to all right now .
ATM Skimmer is a device which it’s placed over the original Atm card slot and he’s capture the card informations .
The models which i have for sale bezels , atm skimmers are this

Wincor Bezel = 1200USD
Diebold Bezel = 1200USD
NCR Bezel = 1200USD
Wincor Skimmer + PinPad = 2000USD
Diebold Skimmer + PinPad = 2000USD
NCR Skimmer + PinPad = 2000USD

Full Kit price for each of them it’s 2500USD .

What can you do with the informations ?
It’s easy , simple , you need an MSR206 reader/writer to write on blank cards and do withdraw or do purchase .

We have for sale Atm Skimmers .
For extra details please use this email :


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